AEXPO 2022.

1st International Online Art Exhibition of Professors at Teacher Education Studies, organized by the Faculty of Education in Osijek, Croatia

This project aims to bring together teachers of educational / pedagogical faculties in Croatia and abroad, who pursue their art in parallel with pedagogical work. With this exhibition, teachers of educational / pedagogical faculties are given the opportunity and encouragement to present their own art as well to develop artistically, which is strongly related to their educational practice. Although they are mostly dedicated to teaching, their artwork is still in focus, as this exhibition is aiming to emphasise. The exhibition aims to enhance the possibilities for exhibiting their art pieces, but also to help teachers meet and connect, and possibly find new ways of cooperation. 

The revue exhibition presents the works of art teachers employed at higher education institutions for the education of future educators and primary school teachers, in the country and abroad. It is our great pleasure to present the works of teachers throughout Croatia, but also Bosnia and Herzegovina, Macedonia, Slovenia, Serbia and Turkey.

The exhibition categories are diverse and provide insight into a wide range of expressions in the fields of drawing, painting, graphics, sculpture, photography, video, film, animation, installation and multimedia. For the sake of accessibility, the exhibition is designed in a virtual form - selected works together with short biographies of the authors and their personal photographs are exhibited on this website.

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